How to use RDP in qiime (steps to follow)?

Hello everyone, I would like to use another reference database such as RDP in qiime 2.0 in addition to Greengenes and Silva. Because the scientific articles I have read use RDP for the microorganism that I am interested in (cyanobacteria). I have read many comments about using RDP in qiime, could someone tell me if it is possible to use this database in qiime and what would be the steps to follow? I would greatly appreciate them.

Thanks and nice day.

I try to create a classifier for the complete RDP-database.
(RDP database - Unaligned Bacteria 16S fasta file)

To start with workflow, I need the database file separated into taxonomy and otu file.
Does someone know how can I separate RDP-database into files RDP-ref-seq.fna.gz, RDP-ref-taxonomy.txt ???