ITS itsxpress trim-unmerged encounters problems

Dear developers of ITSexpress,

I would like to express my gratitude to you for creating such a powerful analysis tool. However, I have encountered some issues while using it, which have hindered my analysis progress. Firstly, I faced a failure during the installation of itsxpress, as indicated in the provided screenshot. Secondly, I have been consistently getting errors during the unmerged step of data processing. I have attempted to troubleshoot the problems myself but have been unable to find a solution. I am eagerly seeking assistance from experienced colleagues and other users.

Here are the details of my setup:

  • Qiime2 version: 2023.5
  • Operating system: macOS Ventura 13.4.1
  • Conda version: 23.7.3
  • Conda-build version: not installed
  • Python version:
  • Virtual packages: __archspec=1=x86_64, __osx=13.4.1=0, __unix=0=0

Thank you for your attention and I look forward to any help or advice you can provide.


Hello @npj06,

Can you post the steps you followed to install q2-itsxpress? In the future, for the sake of readability please copy and paste the error logs instead of using screenshots.