How to create taxa barplot using SRA toolkit on Mac

Hello, I am trying to generate a taxa barplot with Qiime2 using 16s rRNA data from NCBI with a macArm64 processor. How exactly would I be able to proceed since using prefetch with the NCBI accession itself isn't working and although you can dowload SRA toolkit for macArm64, you can't install with that? And how exactly can Qiime2 be used to generate the taxa barplot?

Hi @arundhati_brasilense ,
For getting data from SRA into QIIME 2, I recommend using the q2-fondue plugin for a streamlined process:

Detailed tutorials are available in the documentation at After using q2-fondue to download data, it should already be demultiplexed and you can then follow any of the tutorials starting after the demultiplexing step (e.g., proceed directly to denoising).

Good luck!

Okay, thank you! I will give that a try.