Error phylogen (fasttree)

Hi Everyone!

Hello, I am all experiencing a problem with the creation of a phylogenetic tree using the "fasttree" program since I apparently have an (excess of arguments) however, I am using the parameters that come by default in fasttree: construct and phylogenetic tree with Fast tree
This is my input file
qiime phylogeny fasttree
--i-alignment aligned-rep-seqs.qza
--p-n-threads 1
--o-tree unrooted-tree.qza
--output-dir \home\julissa\phylogeny
attached error screenshot

Hello Julissa,

That screenshot is perfect. I think I have found the problem.

It looks you have \ back slashes \ in your command. Take these out, the try running the command again.


P.S. I should explain that back slashes separate a command between multiple lines. Like this

command --i file --o files --note "This works"

command --i file \
--o files \
--note "This works, and it's on three lines"

command --i file \ --o files \ --note "this does NOT work"
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