ERROR in Downstream analyses (taxonomic) for "Microbiome analyst"

Hello everyone!

I am looking forward to make a functional prediction of a bacterial community, so I run the taxonomic analysis in qiime2. I used the pre-trained SILVA 138 database, I had no major problems, but using “microbiome analyst” (a software for predicting functional potential based on taxonomy), the program tells me to check the taxonomy labels.

I don’t know what could be causing that problem (I kept the requested format of the input files, taxonomy.tsv and feature table)

  • Have anyone used microbiome analyst in downstream analyses of qiime2 data?

pd* I have been told that picrust makes the same type of analyses but many people have suggested me to use microbiome analyst because it is based on SILVA.

Thank you so much for reading me, and I hope to have answer!


I’ve not used Microbiome Analyst myself, I am sure others on the forum may have. Hopefully, they’ll be able to help.

I think this information is out of date. While it was true of PICRUSt 1, this is certainly not true for PICRUSt 2. In fact, you can compile your own reference database, and even run fragment-insertion with either the Greengenes or SILVA SEPP databases. There is a simplified version of PICRUSt 2 available as a QIIME 2 plugin (works in version 2019.10).

-Good luck!