Downstream Analysis of 16S Illumina Sequence Files

I have been given three files from Illumina sequencing (forward, reverse, and barcodes with the emp protocol) after being hired onto a project with no QIIME analysis experience.
My method has been to use q2studio platform to demultiplex and quality filter the sequences, then use dada2 to pick otus/sequence variants, and am now trying to navigate how to do downstream analysis and was hoping someone would have an idea of what path to take.

The files I have been given are from many samples taken at 7 different sites, and two types of samples within each site. I am wanting to find the relative abundance of a specific genera of bacteria between the sample types within each site, and compare them across all sites.

Between assigning taxonomy, filtering the tables, and deciding whether to filter sequences, samples, or features, I am confused and a little overwhelmed with what to do. I am happy to provide more information if that would help!

Thanks so much.

Hi @georgia! Welcome to the community!

If you haven't had a chance to review our Getting Started guide, please check that out! In particular, you should spend some time working through the Moving Pictures tutorial to get a good feel for a "typical" analysis in QIIME 2 - and once you have had a chance to get familiar, you can repeat those same steps using your own data.

This sounds like the taxa barplots would be pretty helpful for you.

You know where to find us if you get stuck!

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