Closed-reference otu picking from fastq file?

Hello everybody I’m looking for a way to make a closed-reference otu from a fastq files from single reads that are already fully processed (both barcodes and primers was removed and quality filtering performed). Is this possible? I read that this is possible with q2-vsearch in QIIME2 but I tried without any successful…

qiime tools import \

–input-path head.fastq
–output-path head.qza
–type ‘SampleData[Sequences]’

There was a problem importing head.fastq:

head.fastq is not a(n) QIIME1DemuxFormat file

can anybody give some suggestion please?
Thanks a lot!

Hey @alejandrogmez!

How many files do you have? Typically we have multiple fastq files (one or two per sample). I think the issue is you are using the SampleData[Sequence] type which is for sequences that don’t have quality information. You probably want SampleData[SequencesWithQuality] and one of those corresponding formats (which I can assist with once I know more).

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