Biom add metadata problem

(Manil) #1

Hi qiime community,

I know this problem was reported before here.

I have the same issu (can not find my taxonomy annotation) I did as explained before the following steps:

qiime tools export: ouptput (table.qza and taxonomy.qza) output (feature-table.biom, taxonomy.tsv)
biom add-metadata -i feature-table.biom -o table_with_taxonomy.biom --observation-metadata-fp taxonomy.tsv --sc-separated taxonomy

when I convert my table_with_taxa.biom to a tsv (just to check) I can not find the taxonomy annotation it keeps the ASVs ID (feature ID) see attached.

This problem was reported several times I don’t know what is really the problem;



(Manil) #2

It works guys the problem was the tab in the headers, when I modified feature ID to #OTUID and toxon to taxonomy my text editor changed the tab to a space although I was sur that I tab separate my headers.

Thank you