significant Permanova but non significant Permdisp

Hi friends! I have a doubt in statistical analysis, what does mean if i did a Permanova test and i got a pvalue of 0.01253 but, i ran a Permdisp test and i got a pvalue of 0.07?

That could suggest a significant variation among groups, explained mostly for differences among groups but don`t within groups?

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If you can share more info I'm sure it'd be appreciated. From my rudimentary understanding you're testing for 2 different things. Whether the 2 groups are statistically different (PERMANOVA) and whether the 2 groups are more variable (PERMDISP).

So (again to my understanding) you have 2 statistically different groups that correlates with whatever tested for in your PERMANOVA, but this does not impact on how variable they are within those groups.

Hopefully someone can give a better answer/ confirm this is correct.


to be honest, i'm not doing any analysis so i don't have any related data; i just got that doubt. But thanks anyway