rename the feature ID as ASV1, ASV2,,,,,;

Hi everyone,
I need help to rename the feature ID as ASV1, ASV2,,,,, or add a new column; when i use qiime dada2 denoise-paired to get rep-seqs.qza and table.qza ; the feature ID is so long ,which is not convenient for later analysis .
Did there have someone can help me :pray: :pray: :pray:
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Hi @hank,

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You can technically do this with the feature-table rename-ids function (see here) but personally I wouldn't recommend it. Changing the feature-ids in your feature table will break the link between the id and say your phylogenetic tree, taxonomy, and rep-seqs artifacts, which you may need for downstream analysis. What I generally do is get my data to the final stages and for plotting purposes I change the names on the fly in R.

If you can give us a more specific example of what you want to do and with what platform we may be able to help you get there more efficiently.