q2-itsxpress creates incomplete manifest after trim-pair-output-unmerged


I have been using q2-itsxpress to extract the its2 region before running dada2. The qiime itsxpress trim-pair-output-unmerged seems to work fine, but the output gives .qza files where the manifest file only contains information for the forward sequences, as discussed in this topic. So I was wondering if there has been some work to fix this.

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Thank you for reporting @etmmaas! Let’s see what @Adam_Rivers has to say about this.

I was able to replicate this issue, but it was fixed by version 1.7.3 available on Github March 8, 2019.

Unfortunately, I was on the wrong branch when I created the the wheel for version 1.7.3 on Pip. So Pip still has the old version 1.7.2 masquerading as 1.7.3.

I will (carefully) increase the version to 1.7.4 on both Github and pip and let you know. Then you should be able to upgrade with pip.

I need to switch to a better versioning system, maybe Versioneer…


Okay, upgrading the Qiime 2 plugin q2_itsxpress to v1.7.4 using pip should solve this now:

pip install update q2_itsxpress

You should also verify that the stand-alone program itsxpress is up to date too (v 1.7.2)

conda update itsxpress