Otu_map.txt in QIIME2

Hi my name is Mari and my question is referred about a data file obtained from the Qiime output. In Qiime1 there was a file containing the association between the identified OTUs and the corresponding raw-reads. This information was previoustly, in qiime1, named as otu_map.txt. It’s there any way to extract this information from the artifacts generated by Qiime2 after DADA2?

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Hi there @Mari_Munoz!

We don’t currently support this format in QIIME 2 directly (open issue). There is a workaround though, read on…

DADA2 doesn’t produce OTUs, but rather, sequence variants. If you are generating OTUs or performing taxonomic classification, you can use the metadata tabulate command to view denoised sequence variant alongside the OTU/taxa classification (example).

Hope that helps! :qiime2: :t_rex:

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