How to train the classifier for V3-V4 region with 99% identity using full length seuqnces from new relase of GreenGenes-2022??

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I want to perform functional annotation using Picrust2 plugin.


First of all I want to train my classifier for V3-V4 region with 99% identity for latest release of greengenes-2022

Blockquote. I tried to check files from Index of /greengenes_release/2022.10 new release of GG-2022 but confused that which file is of my use!!!
Also, I am facing problem to use my QIIME2 outputs as a input file file for PICRUSt2. Please help me out for this, so that i can start my further data processing and analysis.

Any help will be appreciated.

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Rashmi Ira

Hi @Rashmi_Ira,

I think what you would want to do is use q2-feature-classifier to extract-reads based on your primers from the Greengenes2 backbone sequences, and then train a Naive Bayes classifier on the result



Hi @wasade

Thanks for your response.
Okay I will check it out.

Can you please guide me with few commands and also which file is actually of my use to start with read extraction!??!

Thanks in advance.

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Rashmi Ira


the readme file looks like you'd need the following files:


The following method should help point you in the right direction. First take the sequence files and trim them based on your primers (obviously I've just added a random sequence here!). You can also add truncation and min/max lengths of sequences based on your experimental design, for example:

qiime feature-classifier extract-reads \
  --i-sequences 2022.10.backbone.full-length.fna.qza \
  --p-min-length 100 \
  --p-max-length 600 \
  --o-reads gg_12_10_ref_primer_region_seqs.qza

then use your newly trimmed sequence file along with the backbone taxonomy to train your classifier:

qiime feature-classifier fit-classifier-naive-bayes \
  --i-reference-reads gg_12_10_ref_primer_region_seqs.qza \
  --i-reference-taxonomy \
  --o-classifier gg_12_10_primer_region-classifier.qza

I hope that helps, there are lots of walkthroughs and helpful documents in the qiime2 forum and docs, for example here


Hi @buzic

Thank you so much for your response. I will follow the same as suggested.

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Rashmi Ira