How to get a BIOM table with QIIME 2

I want to know how to get a biom table in QIIME 2, which is the input file, could someone help me


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Hi Cindy, it depends on what you kind of BIOM file that you need. Could you tell us more what you’re planning on doing with it (for example, going to import it into R?). Ben

You can try something like in this thread:


OK thank you very much

look, I’m trying to do an analysis in picrust2, but the tables that I have tell me that they don’t have the format that I need and that I have to get a biom table for QIIME2, but I’ve never used QIIME so that’s why I have doubt


Hi @cindy_Johanna_Nino_C,

Are you trying to use the QIIME 2 plugin q2-picrust2? E.g., follow this tutorial but you cannot because you have a biom table or TSV otu table and don’t know how to convert that to a QIIME 2 feature table?

If so, check out this tutorial for importing biom tables into QIIME 2.

What is the error message you are getting and from where? We can’t really help if we don’t know who/what is telling you when/where/why/how.

I hope those tutorials help!

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