Error from Fragment-Insertion Sepp - non-zero exit status 1

I am a beginner in Qiime2 so I need your help.
I am trying to complete official Qiime2 tutorials and I have a problem about " Parkinson’s Mouse Tutorial (".

The problem occurs at the step of “Generating a phylogenetic tree for diversity analysis”.

When I write this codes:

qiime fragment-insertion sepp
–i-representative-sequences ./dada2_rep_set.qza
–i-reference-database sepp-refs-gg-13-8.qza
–o-tree ./tree.qza
–o-placements ./tree_placements.qza
–p-threads 1

I get this error:
Plugin error from fragment-insertion:

Command ‘[‘’, ‘/tmp/qiime2-archive-xl4ysncq/fcec470e-99cb-43e7-835c-1a98e9ba400e/data/dna-sequences.fasta’, ‘q2-fragment-insertion’, ‘-x’, ‘1’, ‘-A’, ‘1000’, ‘-P’, ‘5000’, ‘-a’, ‘/tmp/qiime2-archive-tc2dafpm/a14c6180-506b-4ecb-bacb-9cb30bc3044b/data/aligned-dna-sequences.fasta’, ‘-t’, ‘/tmp/qiime2-archive-tc2dafpm/a14c6180-506b-4ecb-bacb-9cb30bc3044b/data/tree.nwk’, ‘-r’, ‘/tmp/qiime2-archive-tc2dafpm/a14c6180-506b-4ecb-bacb-9cb30bc3044b/data/raxml-info.txt’, ‘-b’, ‘1’]’ returned non-zero exit status 1.

I started from the beginning multiple times but the error has not changed yet. I have searched on the internet but could not find any solution for.

I have downloaded Ubuntu from windows market on my windows 10 laptop which has 4 GB ram. Can the low amount of ram be the problem?

As a beginner, I would appreciate it if you could explain it to me clearly.

Thank you for your interest!

Hello @mertcan. The small amount of RAM is very likely the cause yes. When I run that command on my computer it uses close to 4 gigs of RAM on its own without taking into account all the other things using RAM on your computer.

Thank you for your answer @Oddant1 .

Did the codes work on your computer without any problem?

I thought that the codes must work because they are taken from the official tutorial so the problem should related to my laptop.

@mertcan Yes, the command takes a significant amount of time to run, but it does work.

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