BIOM conversion to tsv

I faced a problem while my trial for getting the OTU table.
I think there is no problem in BIOM exporting, I successfully did using the following tutorial

However, when I tried running the following command
biom convert -i feature-table.biom -o feature-table.from_biom.txt --to-tsv
, I got this error
Error: Invalid value for “-i” / “–input-fp”: File “feature-table.biom” does not exist.

I wish you can help me.

Thanks for consideration



If you followed the tutorial, your biom table should be in the exported-feature-table subdirectory (unless you changed it).
So, cd to exported-feature-table subdirectory before running the command or provide the variable with a path exported-feature-table/feature-table.biom as an input

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Ok. I understood.
Thanks a lot