Already have importing QIIME .biom file to feature-table-1.qza - What next

Dear Colleagues
I have attempted to import .biom file from qiime 1. Now I assume that my next step would be to Generate a tree for phylogenetic diversity and Alpha/beta diversity analysis.

But these analysis also require rep-seqs.qza which I do not have so far.
How can I create or import rep-seqs.qza?
Please help

Hi @drmusk,

This depends a lot on how you generated your table. Id start by figuring out where your table comes from and asking that source. (Which sounds glib, but without more information, its really hard to determine. :confused: .)

If it’s reference-based, your reference should provide a tree. If its a de novo method, you should look for cluster centroids or something similar.


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