What does mean 'plant-corpus'?

Hello, all!

I would like to use ready-made taxonomic weights in my research and would like to know more about this collection. Where can I find an information what exactly mean 'plant-corpus'? And is it suitable for conifer needles samples?

Thank you for your advice in advance.

Hi @Ksen_Mir ,

These terms come from the Earth Microbiome Project Ontology (EMPO), so you can see there for specifics on all EMPO classifications.

Plant corpus is described as "tissue of leaf, stem, fruit, algae", so yes this sounds suitable for conifer needle samples. However, if I recall correctly, plant corpus is one of the least common classifications in the EMP data. You might also want to try "Plant Surface", which might be suitable for conifer needles.

Good luck!


Thank you very much! :hugs: