Trimming ASVs in table without reprocessing

Hi again,

do you know if there is a way to get rid of this extra bases at the beginning/end of the sequences in order not to have identical ASVs splitted?
Many thanks!!!


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Hi @AnnaC,

I think I would align a few of the ASVs that are nearly identical and find the position so you can figure out how long to trim each batch (or possibly the sequence :shushing_face:. I think you may have to re-process with trimming, but someone else may have some more brilliant solution. I’ll move this to a new thread and see if someone else can come up with something better.


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I agree with @jwdebelius, you should just re-process after figuring out how much more you need to trim.

Even if a workaround could be devised for trimming and dereplicating the current data, it would be a lot “cleaner” to just re-run… this will make it a lot easier for you or others to replicate these steps in the future.

For example, imagine looking at an artifact’s provenance in a year or two to figure out what was done to a file, maybe to replicate on other data or to write up your methods. You might be left wondering why a convoluted workflow was done to denoise, then re-trim and dereplicate…


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