Standalone Emperor Questions

Hi @yoshiki and @thermokarst,

Thanks for the help and the information provided.

As one of the options to figure out this issue, I got Emperor and Anaconda installed. But as I never used Emperor as a stand-alone program, I am not sure how to work with it.

It works with Anaconda Navigator? Apologies if you discussed this previously but is there any “tutorial” to use Emperor with Anaconda? I feel I am going backwards but I don’t see a better option for me now.

Thanks a lot for your patience and obviously your help!

Hi @idapantoja - I am moving this question to the “Other Bioinformatics Tools” section of the forum — we are unable to guarantee support for these kinds of questions, since they aren’t directly related to QIIME 2, but hopefully someone here will get a chance to respond. Alternatively, you could consult the Emperor project, directly. Thanks!

Awesome @thermokarst! Thanks so much!

@idapantoja, unfortunately using Emperor as a standalone tool won't help with your previously reported problem. The plotting capabilities rely on being able to display WebGL frames, and as far as I can recall we haven't been able to get WebGL to work in your computer. My general suggestion would be to try finding a way to get WebGL to work in your machine, if that is working then we should be able to get Emperor to work via QIIME2.

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Thanks @yoshiki!

Quick question, I have the .qzv files but I see them as wordpad documents. How I change that? No idea how the format was changed!


Hi @idapantoja, no idea how that would have happened. If you are using macOS then you might want to try to change the default application, though there aren’t any applications (that I am aware of) that can directly open qzv files.