Split samples in different files

Hi! I am new in Qiime2 and I need to split each sample in a different file. I have two fastq files (forward and reverse) and I guess I have all the samples in the same file. How can I do it with Qiime2?

Thank you!

Hi there @tunski!

Are your barcodes still in the reads? If so, check out the q2-cutadapt tutorial for guidance on importing and demultiplexing these reads. Once demultiplexed, you can choose whatever pipeline makes sense to you (e.g. Moving Pictures tutorial).

If your barcodes are somewhere else (as in, not in the reads), give us some more details (maybe a few lines from one or both files), that way we can provide some more targeted guidance.

Thanks! :t_rex: :qiime2:


Thank you for the answer. I have tried :
qiime tools import
–type MultiplexedSingleEndBarcodeInSequence
–input-path forward.fastq.gz
–output-path multiplexed-seqs.qza

but it gives me the message
Error: Missing option “–type”.

The barcodes are in a mapping file


Hi there @tunski! Your command isn’t formatted as a valid shell command. Please see this excellent note from @colinbrislawn:

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