Sort Options for rep-seqs visualization

I’m wondering if its possible to implement ‘sort’ options to the rep-seqs visualization artifact from the feature-table tabulate-seqs function, i.e by total abundance or relative abundance. This doesn’t necessarily have to derive from the mapping file categories (though that’d be useful too!), it can just be relative to the run as a whole. The ability to blast the sequence variants directly from the rep-seqs.qzv is extremely useful, but it would be more insightful if the abundance of these would be shown too so we could do a quick check of the top few dominant ASVs to see if they are indeed biologically relevant taxa or an artifact of some error made in the previous steps. This is especially useful in a mock community dataset or a community where you have an expectation of the dominating taxon. Just saves a bit of work from having to discover this further down the line.


Thanks @Mehrbod_Estaki!

I have opened an issue to track this development. Sorting is already implemented in that viz (click on the column headers), so if we added these optional abundance columns, they would get the same functionality!

Thanks! :t_rex:

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