Quick viewer for Qiime 2 artifacts

Hi there!

For those who -like us- has several restrictions moving data out of our servers, here in our lab we have develop a tool called qiime_2_ll_quick_viewer which you can use to open your Qiime 2 visualization artifacts (*.qzv) in situ.


Guillermo Luque


Hey @Gluque!

Thanks for the link to your team’s tool!

It sounds like that definitely stops you from using qiime tools view and view.qiime2.org since you wouldn’t be able to download it to your PC or make a link from it.

Perhaps the ability to start a server on a port could make it into qiime tools view someday to suite your use-case better!

While I know this isn’t what you are talking about, I do want to take a moment to emphasize for anyone else reading (since this is often a point of confusion) that view.qiime2.org never sends your data anywhere. We honestly couldn’t afford the bandwidth, so that site is more of a super-easy to install program that happens to run in your browser.


And by “anywhere,” we mean your data doesn’t leave the computer that you are loading https://view.qiime2.org on!

If you are interested in how we make that happen, please check out this presentation from earlier this year:

In this talk I go into a little bit of detail regarding q2view (the application behind the scenes for the serverless view.qiime2.org), as well as some other high-level details about QIIME 2. Thanks!