Questions about SILVA classifier for v3v4

Dear Mike,
I am following this post trying to generate my own silva reference database. my sequencing data was v3-v4 region and wanna to do close-reference-like approaches. I tried to generate a trained classifier which is using Silva data full length with "lca' dereplication. Now, I cannot follow the step of database evaluation functions. My questions are 1: why we need to download "85_otus.qza" and "ref-taxonomy.qza" files? 2: When we use "qiime rescript evaluate-fit-classifier" command, the import file is not my own, how can I evaluate my own classifier file? 3: if there is need to import my own file, which file should I import and which reference should I use?. I am sorry I rise too much questions at the same time. thank you for your kind helps.

Hi @linki11,

These files are not intended to be used. These files are only used for the sake of providing a small downloadable and quick-to-run example. Otherwise, use your own files that you've curated from the tutorial.

Again, just use the files you've made while working through the tutorial.


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