Qiime2docs --> beta-rarefaction: Beta diversity rarefaction [OPTIONS]


In qiime2docs, about qiime diversity beta-rarefaction plugin,
we can read about [OPTIONS]:

–p-clustering-method [upgma|nj]
Samples can be clustered with neighbor
joining or UPGMA. An arbitrary rarefaction
trial will be used for the tree, and the
remaining trials are used to calculate the
support of the internal nodes of that tree.

Error: no such option: --p-clustering-method

–m-metadata-file MULTIPLE PATH
Metadata file or artifact viewable as
metadata. This option may be supplied
multiple times to merge metadata. The
sample-metadata used for the Emperor
jackknifed PCoA plot. [required]

Error: no such option: --m-metadata-file

Note that in qiime2 manual (qiime diversity beta-rarefaction --help) options are correct.

I suggest to remove this options in online qiime2docs :slight_smile:

Have a good day,

Hi @Nicolas-Fernandez! Thanks for the suggestion, but I think you might actually be running a version of QIIME 2 that is older than 2017.12. We added those new parameters in the 2017.12 release. You can learn more about your QIIME 2 installation by running qiime info! Thanks! :t_rex:

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Hi Matthew,
Ah ah … :sweat_smile: 2017.10 actualy…
Missing the release… Update done!
Thanks, Nico

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