QIIME2 Visualisations

Hello all!

I just ran my sequencing data through dada2 and have the following files I wish to visualise!


When I try to use qiime tools view in the terminal I get an error that my file is 'not a QIIME 2 Visualization'. Also, when I upload these files directly to view.qiime2.org, I am not getting any meaningful information, just the metadata of the files.

Do I have to convert these files to .qzv format in order to view them? Is this the general procedure for viewing qiime artefacts?

I appreciate the enlightenment :wink:


Hi @Taylorr,

Yes, you can use the following command:
qiime metadata tabulate
--m-input-file stats.qza
--o-visualization stats.qzv

Then you can load the 'stats.qzv' artefact in the view.qiime2.org



Amazing! Thank you @llenzi !


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