qiime2 files to FUNguild

Hello all!
I'm running my first time pipeline on my dataset on qiime2 (working with fungal ITS sequences). I'm trying to use the software FUNguild to infer the role of my fungi in the microbiome of the plant they come from, but I'm having troubles while exporting my data from qiime to use them in the program. I need a format as the following:

I thought that the best way to obtain this file would be importing as metadata my Taxonomy file into a biom table of my FeatureTable, which apparently works:

But when I run the script FUNguild.py I think it's not detecting any taxonomy, and when I try to convert my biom-file to tsv to visualize there's no taxonomical information. The manual of FUNguild is not clear and it's being difficult to find information about the topic. Does someone have any idea os how to procceed with my data in order to obtain the right input for the FUNguild script?
Thank you in advance.

Hi @jrojas,
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Unfortunately, I do not have any experience with FUNguild, but I will try to help!

I think the confidence and taxonomic annotation would be flipped if you just merged the taxonomy.
Our taxonomy is feature id, label, confidence. Funguild seems to want confidence, label. Could you print your biom table so I could see how your table is organized?

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