QIIME 2 Provenance Replay demo/study

Hi everyone!

For my masters project, I've been building software to make collaboration, publishing, and in silico reproducibility easier for QIIME 2 users. It lets you generate all the citations relevant to a full QIIME 2 analysis, or take QIIME 2 results and "replay" them into an executable script for your preferred interface.

My committee asked me to run a focus group study to get feedback on how it works and what I can do to make it super awesome for users. I'd love to share with anyone you know who might be interested.

Everybody's welcome - newcomers, experienced users, forum mods, developers - No prior QIIME 2 experience necessary, but it will be primarily useful to people who use or will use QIIME 2 at some point.

If you're interested, or know anyone else who might be interested, email me at [email protected], or complete the consent form, and I'll reach out by email to schedule! I'd be happy to do a lab-exclusive demo for lab groups that can muster four or more participants, or schedule with individuals separately if that's easier.


We are no longer accepting participants for the QIIME 2 Provence Replay study. Many thanks to all of you amazing people who shared your insights along the way.