Focus Group and Training: QIIME 2 Provenance Replay

QIIME 2 packages the full history (i.e. “provenance”) of every result within the result itself, including software versions, methods, parameters, and even user-provided metadata. At its heart, provenance replay takes in QIIME 2 archives (.qzas and .qzvs) and produces new executable code from them (e.g. a new Python or bash script). This helps users validate and reproduce study results, extend prior analyses, and share analytical approaches with others.

We are seeking individuals over the age of 18 who regularly use QIIME 2, for participation in research on user perception of up-and-coming provenance replay tools. Participants will be surveyed on their current QIIME 2 experience, communication, note-taking, and writing practices. They will then participate in a short training with Alpha-version provenance replay software, and will participate in a one hour focus group designed to identify useful features for provenance replay. Finally, they will take an exit survey intended to measure the success of the software.

We estimate the total time of participation at two hours. Focus groups will be recorded using standard video conferencing tools, and participants may be anonymously quoted in academic publications. Survey responses and statements will be anonymized so this data can not be linked back to you in any way. No video or audio recordings will ever be published.

Participation in this study is free and uncompensated, beyond any value you derive from instruction in the use of the provenance replay software. By contributing your time, you are helping the developers of QIIME 2 identify new features you will find useful. Your needs and recommendations will impact what we build, and we hope your contribution will positively impact the value you get from the finished product.

Participants will be required to read and abide by the QIIME 2 Community Code of Conduct throughout the study.

For more information or to express your interest, please PM me here on the forum, or email me at [email protected]


We are no longer accepting participants for the QIIME 2 Provence Replay study. Many thanks to all of you amazing people who shared your insights along the way.

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