QIIME 1 Installation

After installing miniconda, when I am putting the command
conda create -n qiime1 python=2.7 qiime matplotlib=1.4.3 mock nose -c bioconda

following error is coming. How to come out? Please rectify the issue.

PackagesNotFoundError: The following packages are not available from current channels:

  - matplotlib=1.4.3

Current channels:

  - https://conda.anaconda.org/bioconda/linux-64
  - https://conda.anaconda.org/bioconda/noarch
  - https://repo.anaconda.com/pkgs/main/linux-64
  - https://repo.anaconda.com/pkgs/main/noarch
  - https://repo.anaconda.com/pkgs/r/linux-64
  - https://repo.anaconda.com/pkgs/r/noarch
  - https://conda.anaconda.org/conda-forge/linux-64
  - https://conda.anaconda.org/conda-forge/noarch

Good afternoon!

Welcome to the Qiime 2 forums. Let me see if I can help answer your question.

While I couldn’t find the old 1.4.3 version of matplotlib on conda, I did find it on GitHub. Maybe you could install it from there:

Keep in mind that this version of matplotlib is over 4 years old, so it might be time for an upgrade! Have you considered using Qiime 2? :qiime2:


Thanks for the response, following commands worked well…

conda config --set allow_conda_downgrades true
conda install conda=4.6.14
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