Plugin error: when doing the de novo chimera checking

Hi ~~,
i was following for de novo chimera checking. it says there is plugin error. "Plugin error from vsearch:

Command ‘[‘vsearch’, ‘–uchime_denovo’, ‘/tmp/tmpi28bq87q’, ‘–uchimeout’, ‘/tmp/q2-UchimeStatsFmt-ynlg3632’, ‘–nonchimeras’, ‘/tmp/q2-DNAFASTAFormat-63pvfz5_’, ‘–chimeras’, ‘/tmp/tmpiouskkan’, ‘–dn’, ‘1.4’, ‘–mindiffs’, ‘3’, ‘–mindiv’, ‘0.8’, ‘–minh’, ‘0.28’, ‘–xn’, ‘8.0’, ‘–qmask’, ‘none’, ‘–xsize’]’ returned non-zero exit status 1

i was following the tutorial. not sure of why i got this plugin error

anybody has any idea?

Hi @mly!

Could you re-run with --verbose or attach the debug log-file which is printed at the end of the error?

Also, what version of QIIME 2 are you running?


the lasted version qiime2 2018-2 i did verbose after i reviewed another topic. still had the same error…

yes, i did --verbose but still got the same error after i read other posts. i will do the de novo chimera checking later, if it has the same error again, i will let you know. thanks for the reply

Hi @mly! The same error will occur when using --verbose, but it will produce a more detailed error message that will help us with debugging the issue. Can you please provide the full error message that’s displayed with --verbose, or alternatively the debug log that is created when the command fails?

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