PICRUST2 Error with input

Hi guys, I’m trying to run my boards in picrust2 and I get this error could you help me


this is the code i used

(picrust2) Macs-MacBook-Air:picrust2_out_pipeline mac$ picrust2_pipeline.py -s rep_set.fna -i otu_table_mc2.biom -o picrust2_pipeline -p 1

Stopping - no ASV ids overlap between input FASTA and sequence abundance table

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Hi @cindy_Johanna_Nino_C,
picrust2 is not part of QIIME 2 so we are not able to provide support for that on this forum. If you are using the QIIME 2 plugin q2-picrust that is sort of another story…

You also opened up this related topic:

so please stick with one topic or the other and decide whether you plan to use picrust2 or q2-picrust2.