Phylogenetic table with lablels

Dear Qiime2 team / users,
Thank you for maintaining and updating the forum. I have a naive question as a new commercial to the field. Is there any way to visualize the fast tree rooted tree while labels are actual scientific taxonomic names rather than Qiime2 generated IDs?
Many thanks in advance

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Hi @arsalane1978! QIIME 2 doesn’t currently support visualizing phylogenetic trees. You can export a Newick tree file from the .qza file and load the Newick file into a tree-viewing program of your choice (e.g. iTOL, FigTree, Archaeopteryx). You can also export the associated taxonomy annotations into a TSV file, which can be used to annotate tips in the tree.

Since we don’t develop these external tree viewing programs, we can’t provide official support for those tools here. However, these forum topics may be useful to get your tree and taxonomy files exported and loaded into iTOL:

Hope this helps!

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