Pathway abundance barplot after q2-picrust2 tutorial


I did the (q2-picrust2-Tutorial) and got the pathway_abundance.qza, ko_metagenome.qza, ec_metagenome.qza files.
I used table.qza as the input file.(FeatureTable[Frequency] qza file)

Now I just want to make barplots for level 1, 2 and 3 pathways. (e. g. relative abundance barplot)

I want to create a pathway abundance barplot (*.qzv) with the pathway_abundance.qza file, but taxonomy.qza is required as an input file.

In the q2-picrust2 Tutorial, there is no process to create taxonomy.qza, and it is not possible to create a pathway abundance barplot with taxonomy.qza obtained from the existing qiime2 moving picture tutorial.

In this case, what method can I use to create the pathway abundance barplot?

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Regarding your question. To create taxabarplots with function predictions, you can create a mock taxonomy.qza file. It can be done by creating a .tsv file with 2 columns, "FeatureID" and "Taxon". Let's assume that level 3 is a level with highest resolution (as in your feature table) and 2 and 1 are levels with lower categories. So, "FeatureID" should contain IDs from your feature table, meanwhile "Taxon" should consist of following strings for each ID: 1;2;3, where level 3 is actually ID itself. Then import this tsv file as taxonomy.qza (check "Importing data" tutorial).

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