Most of taxon are empty!

I’m using latest Qiime2 version and did the training using GreenGenes library 97
I got good results before for microbiome analysis then I repeated the same steps again with another sample and I got 445 Feature ID but most of them the Taxon is just showed as K_Bacteria !!!
what is wrong with that?? any suggestion about the reasons for these results?
Thanks for your help :slight_smile:

Hi @Dodi!

Sounds like you are using the wrong classifier for that sample. That error usually happens when an inappropriate classifier is used, e.g., if that classifier was trained on a different primer region. Make sure you are using the correct classifier that has been trained on the correct gene region — you may need to train your own classifier or use the full-length greengenes classifier if that is not what you are already using.

If that does not fix things, please provide more details on these different sequencing runs, the commands you are using, and the source of the classifier.

Good luck!

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