making python file using qiime2 command (error : no such file or directory)

Hello, I'm using qiime2 to make the overall process of data processing a single executable. (We will make it a final .py file, and we are currently trying to see if code is executed in the jupyter notebook for each paragraph.) During this process, these error messages appear from the cutadapt process.

"Plugin error from cutadapt:

[Errno 2] No such file or directory: 'cutadapt' "

However, if you change the command to cutadpat --help and run it, it works like this. I don't think the cutadapt itself is not implemented Has anyone experienced this kind of problem? Let me know if there's a solution

Thank you.

Hello @rbfks100333, what is the value of "qiime_out" in your script? Thank you.

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