Low abundance of archaea at genus level

The relative abundance of archaea in microbes is very low, below 1%. Are there any suggested way to have more genera of archaea or manual operations to pick out methanogens to have more at the genus.

I guess you filtered your dataset, amplified with bacteria specific primers to leave only archaea? Which primers did you use for 16S library?

Yeah, that's very common for archaea.
In addition, I think that archaea are not just amplifying well with bacterial primers.
But even using an archaea specific primers for 16S library I was able to get only 5-6 different genera with Methanobrevibacter and Methanomcrobium as the most abundant ones.


Hi, thanks for your response. V4-V5 primers was used and yes i did filter the data. Do you think without filtering i may observe few more genera?

No, I just wondered if you are working with archaea specific primers or not, since archaeal DNA is not amplifying well with common bacterial primers