ITS import issues


I have completed my 16s run which contains files used in the Paired End Fastq Phred 33 format- and worked. I am now working on my ITS run, which contained similar file types as my 16s run and tried to import using the same type, however it is saying my import file (.csv) is not a PairedEndFastqManifestPhred33 file. Has anyone had this same issue/know of any tricks or something to make this work. The import file should be similar to my 16s with just different names and absolute file paths.

Thank you

Hey @morganpuff!

Would you be able to provide your manifest file and the exact import command you ran?
Based on when that error happens and the code that is being run, I suspect you are missing the header line.


Thank you for the suggestion of revisiting my header line, fixing this and the absolute file path made it work.


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