How to read the results of the pre-trained 7-level classifier

Hi, I have followed the "Moving Picture" Tutorial to do the taxonomy classification, and I noticed in the barplot (taxa-bar-plots.qzv) provided by the tutorial, some features can't be categorized into species or have no tags/names under the 7-level classification:

(i.e. k__Bacteria;p__Bacteroidetes;c__Bacteroidia;o__Bacteroidales;f__Bacteroidaceae;g__Bacteroides;s_)

I'm not sure what this means. Does that mean the original reference database omits the species' names? or the classifier can't categorize the feature into a particular species? I really appreciate any help you can provide.


16S rRNA sequences are not unique to certain taxa, such as species.
Whenever you see a taxon missed in classification it means sequences can belong to any organism from the parent level.



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