How to open/ read yml file?

My lab told me that the yml file has the metadata. I need to look at the data to make sure then I do not know how to import yml into qiime for analysis of metadata. I watched many videos but do not know how to open the yml file. the file I have is only one line.

Hi Heba!

About “yml file” see this post: How to generate metadata.yml file?.

It seems for me that you want to import the mapping file (metadata) into a Qiime artifact. Right? Can you tell me what you’re trying to do, please? It will be easier to help you.

I also highly recommend you read " Overview of QIIME 2 Plugin Workflows" and “Qiime core concepts” for a better understanding of how Qiime works and what you need to begin your analyses.

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thanks right want to import mapping file to start quality analysis but I am not sure what I have is the true mapping as it is only one line

Hi Hebba,
On qiime mapping file (look at the pic below) you can find all the details regarding to your experiment and depending on the quality process that you choose ( DADA2, Deblur or conventional clustering), the mapping file it will be necessary just at the end of the process to see the summaries of the process.

(You can find this example here:Moving Pictures sample-metadata (QIIME 2 2019.7) - Google Sheets)

Have you already demultiplexed your raw file in order to continue with quality analysis? Can you show me your mapping file?