How to add sequence or feature ID information to taxonomy table


Using qiime taxa barplot command of QIIME2, I got summarized data containing taxonomy and counts in each sample.

Now I want to check the sequence and try BLAST search for some taxa (OTU).
Can I join the sequence or feature ID to taxonomy information (and count per sample)?

Any help would be much appreciated. Thank you for the help.

Short answer is no, not in a feature table like this — the table you are showing is collapsed on taxonomy and hence several sequence variants are being collapsed into each taxon in that report.

You can merge taxonomy assignments (the output of one of the classifiers in q2-feature-classifier) with sequence data and other feature metadata using qiime metadata tabulate. But you cannot merge metadata with a feature table inside of QIIME2 (primarily because merged tables are not used for anything inside of qiime2, so there is no reason to support such a method). You can, however, merge these data outside of qiime2, e.g., as described in this thread.

This forum thread appears to be asking similar questions so may provide some answers, particularly for blasting sequences.

Good luck!


Thanks so much for your response. I will try it.


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