How can I process MD5sum format sequence data in the QIIME2?

I am very new to the bioinformatics tool. I have paired-end Illumina sequence data with R1 and R2 fastq.gz data.
For instance, the format is
ad68a39a27ea01cfa085b1a28517a84b MI.M03992_0595.001.FLD0062.190391_R1.fastq.gz 7da2ce774619ae53d46c84d301bc372e MI.M03992_0595.001.FLD0062.190391_R2.fastq.gz.
I have the QIIME2 21.2 version and I am running on Window 10 with anaconda. Any suggestion will be a great help. Thank you!

Hi @laxmi_sharma, welcome to :qiime2:!

Is this multiplexed or demultiplexed data? See the Importing Data documentation to help determine which you have. Assuming this is demultiplexed data, then Iā€™d suggest simply importing your data via a manifest, here you can simply assign sample names to each of your sequence files.

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