How can I obtain the significantly different taxa data from this Aldex plot ? (Using R)

Hello !

I am trying to conduct relative difference comparison test and used Aldex2 package for the first time. (I failed to use Aldex 2 in Qiime2 ....)

As you can see, I finally got this plot in the R but I don't know how to find the specific taxa that are shown as significantly different (maybe red color).

Is there anyone who can suggest me to find the way forward ? (And also, please let me know the difference of black colored dot and gray colored dot)


Any suggestion regarding to my question would be welcomed !!

Thank you in advance.


The data used to make that graph is inside of the result object.

You can preview that object in two ways:

  1. Click on the :arrow_forward: in the Data viewer

  2. Run the result in a new line to print out a summary of what's inside.

Here is what to expect from the result object and what the columns mean: