How can I merge all metazoans in the feature-table

Hi there!
I would like to know how to merge all metazoans classified in different phyllum with Silva 138.
For example, merge “p__Cnidaria” and “p__Annelida” in a single category/level “Metazoa”.
Is it possible?
Thanks a lot

Hi @nfer,
Welcome to the forum! Sorry it has taken a few days for any moderators to respond — I think the issue is that it is not totally clear what you are trying to do, or if this is something that QIIME 2 can do.

If you are trying to group features in a feature table by taxonomy, you can use qiime taxa collapse.

If you are trying to “fix” the taxonomic labels, this would be best done by manually modifying the taxonomy labels of your reference sequences prior to importing as a QIIME 2 artifact.

Similarly, you could export your taxonomy, manually modify, then import back into QIIME 2 and use qiime taxa collapse to collapse your feature table (ASVs) into a new feature table where features are grouped by the modified taxonomy.

If none of the above are what you are looking for, then I am not totally sure this is something that QIIME 2 can do for you.

I hope that helps!

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