How can I get classifier 97% for taxonomy asignment of OTU 97%


I am using Qiime2 to analyze my data and my target is doing taxonomy analysis to get the community composition. I like to get OTU (97%). I use qiime vsearch (de novo clustering) to performed at 97% identity to create 97% OTUs. After this step, I am wondering what the classifier 97% or 99% to do the taxonomy assignment? Indeed, I have just downloaded the classifier with 99% (
. I am wondering I can use this classifier to do taxonomy assignment for my OTU 97% or not?

Could you please help me to answer the question?

Thank you in advance.

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Yes it is okay to use the 99% SILVA classifier to classify your own 97% OTUs. The OTU clustering % does not need to match.

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Thank you so much @Nicholas_Bokulich

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