Difficulty interpreting the results of Permanova and Bray Curtis

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Is anyone available to help me interpret and understand my beta diversity results? particularly Permanova and Bray Curtis.
I am analysing the gut microbiome of an insect species raised on a treated and a control diet and would like to see any bacterial community differences.
From the permanova test, I obtained a significant difference between the diets (p= 0.04) but looking at the Bray Curtis graph, I don't seem to notice any differences. Maybe I'm misinterpreting the graph;
could someone help me?

Thank you very much in advance

unweighted-unifrac-treatment-significance.qzv (308.7 KB)
bray_curtis_emperor.qzv (861.7 KB)

Looks like you provided PERMANOVA results for unweighted unifrac and PCoA for Bray-Curtis, which are different metrics (you should use the same metric for both).
But on the PCoA plot you can easily distinct two groups of the samples based on the treatment - just draw a line from upper end of Axis2 to the right end of Axis1 and you see that samples can be divided by such line.

Hope it helps.


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Hi Timur!

Thank you so much for your help!
Unfortunately I don't understand very well how to distinct two groups with line.
Could you show me?

You don't need that line - it is a tool from my imagination...

But here it is

On the right panel, one can adjust color, size, axes, shapes, and visibility to help with group differentiation.


thank you very very much!!
You were really a great help!
I also did the permanova on the bray curtis distance, was this what you meant before?
bray-curtis-treatment-significance.qzv (311.9 KB)

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Thank you for sharing!
In general, looks correct - you have 2 distinct groups on PCoA with a significant PERMANOVA test.