Demultiplexed demux.qza to fastq files

I want to use qiime2 to demultiplex R1.fastq, R2.fastq with Index.fastq and barcodes into each sample with sample1_R1.fastq, sample1_R2.fastq
Currently, I searched the forum. I have not found a function can do that. May I have the help?

This is explained in detail in the Moving Pictures tutorial, as well as the Importing tutorial - please take a peek at those for some assistance!

Hi, @thermokarst,

Thanks for the reply.
But what I want to get is to convert demux.qza to different samples’ R1.fastq and R2.fastq file. IS there any way to achieve it?


You can export your demultixplexed reads!

Thanks @thermokarst. It works!

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