dada2 Error: (return code -9) in virtual box

I have checked the other posts and tried to solve the issue.

But I keep getting this error even if I have added more memory. My computer is of 64GB RAM is that sufficient for the analysis ??

When I run dada2 denoise-paired, the --p-n-threads option does not take threads and runs on only 1 thread ! So, It took me 65 hours to finish the run for the 7GB input file.

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Good morning,

I'm glad you were able to find that other thread. I wonder why the --p-n-threads setting is not working for you... :thinking:

Can you post the full command you ran?

I was using older version (2020) and R in that doesn't use multithreads.
I have installed latest version and it worked for me.

Thanks for your support @colinbrislawn


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