Create Graphlan input files from OTU table


I'm a Qiime2 new user. Recently I got a OTU table with taxonomy of .csv format, it is the result of sequencing and cluster of the sequences. The task is to generate input files of Graphlan, which contain a tree file and an annotation file.

At first, I converted the .csv to .tsv, then I converted the .tsv format to .biom format by using the biom convert plugin. Then I tried to convert the .biom file to .qza format so they could be processed in Qiime2. I used the qiime tools import plugin but it failed.

I'm not sure if it is an appropriate way that I could get the input files of Graphlan. Do I need to split the OTU table to two part, the featuretable[Frequency] and taxatable? or there is another convenient way I could obtain the tree file and the annotation file from the OTU table?

Thank you!

OTUtable.csv (59.0 KB)

Welcome @cj020!
I have recategorized this topic as “other bioinformatics tools” because graphlan is not part of QIIME 2.

this does not sound like an appropriate approach because — correct me if I am wrong — graphlan probably does not accept QIIME 2 qza files as input.

I recommend going to the relevant support site for graphlan to get support.

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