combining metadata with demultiplexed sequence data

Hi! I am new to bioinformatics and need some help figuring out my next step. So far, I have imported my DNA sequences and created my demux-paired-end.qza file. I have also created a metadata .tsv.txt file that has information about each sample (i.e. my experiment treatments). I want to merge these files so that for each sample-id it not only has all my metadata, but also the demultiplexed sequence. After reading the recommended posts on metadata on the qiime2 forums, I am unfortunately still confused about what step to take next. Is there a way to use the table merge feature to merge these data? And if so, could someone provide me an example code of what that looks like?

Hi @microbes93,

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If you're just getting started, the tutorials page is a great place to start! I like the Parkinson's Mouse Tutorial as one option of how to process data. It's definately not an SOP, but it gives you options. You need to work all the way through because there are a lot of steps between turning demultiplexed sequences into statistics and you just have to keep processing! I also like the tutorial because it gives you some ideas of the directions you can go when you start to combine your sequences nad metadata to ask questions.